A & B Driving School has been serving Southeastern Delaware County since 1960! We offer behind the wheel lessons as well as an online course that is approved by the Pennsylvania Board of Education.

Behind The Wheel Training

A & B Driving School

Delaware County, Pennsylvania



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A & B Driving School offers behind the wheel one-on-one training

  • 1 or 2 hour driving lessons available
  • $65 per hour fee, payable as we go
  • We will pick up and drop off the student at the location of your choice
  • Flexible scheduling - We are very understanding of school & work activities and make every attempt to work around them. 
  • Review all items needed to pass the Pennsylvania State driver's license test 


One of our goals is to give the students exposure to as many road landscapes as possible to emphasize how to adjust how you drive in relationship to your surroundings. Desicion making is a critical part of driving and we try to allow them to make those choices. 

For example:

  • Country roads
  • High traffic areas
  • Merging onto highways
  • Parallel Parking

Cooperation between parents and instructors is important. Experience ​is the most important thing in this learning process. The student must be ready to handle what they may encounter when they are out on the road themselves. 

Following safe road rules such as obeying the speed limits and not tailgating are habits we try to instill to hopefully keep the students safe and non-aggressive drivers. 

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