A & B Driving School is now able to offer the Pennsylvania On the Road Skills Driving Test, under the guidelines of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Pennsylvania Department of Education and the cooperation of Chichester School District.


                A) Those under 18 years old must continue to wait six months after obtaining their driving permit before they are able to apply for their license. This is the time for parents to get our new drivers as much behind the wheel experience as possible. The state requires 65 hours and the parent must continue to sign a form stating this was completed.

                B) Students must complete a 30 hour Highway Safety Classroom Program, which is offered at Garnet Valley High School as an elective. If taking this course is not possible for your child, we offer an online class at www.padrivered.com. The class must be completed before the driving test can be administered. Students may also complete the class before they obtain their permit.

                C) Students must complete 6 hours of Behind the Wheel training with A & B Driving School. The student must have a valid driver’s permit to take the Behind the Wheel lessons. In the last half hour of the required 6 hours, the Driving Skills test will be administered. There are no additional fees for this service, we will be focused on observing the road rules and safety.

                D) All guidelines set by the State of Pennsylvania must be followed by A & B Driving School. Our goal is to ensure all students that we issue a driver’s license to are ready to enter our road systems safely on their own.
                E) A & B Driving School fees are: Online Classroom: $90.00
                                                                           Behind the Wheel: $70 per/hr.
                   A & B Driving School instructors will make every effort to work with all students to adapt to both their after school commitments and work schedules.As a reminder to all parents, the process of preparing our teens to enter our highway system is very serious and during the six month waiting period experience is needed. Please do your part in both working with your teens and also setting a good example by practicing responsible safe driving habits yourself.

We are looking forward to working with your new teen driver!

Dan Heavens, Owner
A & B Driving School

A & B Driving School

Delaware County, Pennsylvania



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A & B Driving School has been serving Southeastern Delaware County since 1960! We offer behind the wheel lessons as well as an online course that is approved by the Pennsylvania Board of Education.